Saturday, July 2, 2016

Become a VirtaCoin Miner

Step 1: Know Your Hardware

     Before you start downloading and configuring any mining software, you must be able to know what hardware is on the device you are going to mine with.

► CPU Hardware (Processor)

     If your PC is able to turn on and boot up the Operating System, then your PC more than likely has a Processor (CPU) installed. You can identify your CPU by looking up your System's Information through your Operating System.


· Windows

     To get Windows to display the System's Information, simply right-click the Start button, then select the System option. This will open up a new window displaying your operating system info, along with some other info about your PC. If you look under the System information section, you'll find Processor on the list, which shows the processor that is installed on your PC. This info can help you find the proper CPU miner and specified configurations available to give you the maximum output, if that's what you desire.

Right-clicking the Start button to display the System Information window on a Windows Operating System.

► GPU Hardware (Graphics Card)

     The Graphics Card (GPU) is the hardware that is used to display your computer onto your screen. The GPU is considered stronger mining hardware than a CPU.

Examples of a Graphics Card (GPU) and how it looks when installed on a desktop PC. Graphics Cards and their placements vary between manufacturers.

     To find out what kind of graphics card you have on your PC, you might find it on a label on the graphics card, or if you bought the graphics card yourself, you might find it on the box that contained your graphics card, or even possibly on your receipt. You can even find out on your operating software's Systems Information section or installed drivers. There are mining software out there that are specified for the different manufacturers which help get the most power out of your graphics card.

· Windows

     To find what your Graphics Card is on Windows, you can follow the procedure mentioned earlier about finding the Processor under the System Information, and simply clicking the link on the left of that same window, Device Manager. You can also right-click the Start button, and select Device Manager from the list. This will open a new window displaying a categorized view of all the hardware on your PC. Simply find and then collapse the Display Adapters list. It should list the GPU you have installed on your PC, if there is any. If there is not, you may not find the Display Adapters list being displayed within the window, meaning that you do not have a GPU on your PC.

Getting to the Device Manager window from the System Information window.

Step 2: Download Mining Software

     When downloading some of these mining software, your Anti-virus software may present you with some type of warning about some files included with the miners. This warning is a false-positive, meaning that the mining software will not harm your PC in any way. You may have to disable your antivirus during the download, installation, or extraction of the files, along with creating exceptions/whitelist the files (usually only the .exe files) within your Antivirus and Firewall after you've installed the software/placed the software files, and before you reactivate your Antivirus. But don't take our word for it. There are some people that post fake mining software containing viruses or other malicious software with it out there on the internet. So download at your own risk. But we do have a few suggestions you can try :)

Even though some of the software have been or have not been tested by us, you must understand that you are downloading and using the software at your own risk, just as we have, and we won't take responsibility for anything you do or whatever happens when using this software, same as no one would take responsibility for us for anything we did or what happened when using the software.

► CPU Miners

pooler's CPU Miner | More will be added soon...

► GPU Miners

NVIDIA GPUs: CudaMiner (cbuchner1) | More will be added soon... 

Step 3: Find a Mining Pool

     A mining pool is a way for miners to share their mining power together, and get rewarded equally amongst each miner depending on the power of each individual miner. (Mining within a pool is our recommendation and is what we'll only be covering in this guide.)

In the following example, we will be using the VirtaMining website, as it was created by one of our fellow VirtaCoin community members. To find other mining pools, take a look on the BitCoinTalk thread.

     First, you must sign up on a mining pool website. Once you sign up, you must create workers. You can access this section by going under "My Accounts" and clicking on "My Workers". In the form, specify the username of your miner, and the password. Remember them because you will need it when you configure your miner.

Step 4: Configure Your Miner

     Depending on which mining software you use, there are different ways you can configure the miners. A simple method for Windows is creating batch (.bat) files with Notepad, or any other text editing software, and then launching the configured file. If you need to find out how to mine on MacUbuntu, or any other OS, you can usually get that information by looking at the "Getting Started" page under the "Help" section of the mining pool's website. (We will add the other operating systems info later.)

► Batch (.bat) File Examples

These examples will use the VirtaMining pool stratum. If you wish to replace this with a different pool's stratum, simply replace what is underlined.
pooler's CPU Miner
     minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u USERNAME.WORKERNAME -p WORKERPASSWORD

     cudaminer --algo=scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u USERNAME.WORKERNAME -p WORKERPASSWORD

     Simply replace the bolded text with the info you created on the pool. For example, if your username is Projectz and the worker you created is named GPUMiner with the password GiveMeVTA, then an example of that .bat file should look like this:

     cudaminer --algo=scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Projectz.GPUMiner -p GiveMeVTA

     Once you've configured your batch file, save it as a .bat file. Once saved, you can now open/launch the .bat file by simply double-clicking on it (or however you prefer), and your miner should begin mining. You may see messages within the miner saying "Accepted", which basically means that you've gained a share of VirtaCoins for your mining efforts.
Be advised: When using miners on your PC, if you try using any other software on the same PC, you may experience a loss of performance, also known as lag. It is not recommended to have your miners running when using high demand software or games, as your hardware may begin failing.

Step 5: Enjoy Mining

     If you have reached this step, then congratulations! You are now mining VirtaCoins, while also helping strengthen and secure the VirtaCoin network!

     Mining guide by virtacoin-projectz

Friday, June 17, 2016

Earn  VirtaCoin by performing simple Tasks

If you cannot afford to spend real money on acquiring VirtaCoin then you will be pleased to know there are many ways to earn Virtacoin by performing some simple tasks.

Sign up VirtaCoin Online Wallet:
You can earn 500 VirtaCoin EVERY DAY on VirtaCrypto. It's fun and fairly easy - once you know how... Here's how to play:

          ★ Go to 

                          ★ Enter your VirtaCoin address and click 'check 

 Click 'Get 'secret message'

Now VirtaCrypto will present a 'secret message'. Your job is to try and find out what it is.

HINT: The message Virtacrypto presents has been encoded using a Ceasar cipher. It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet. For example, with a right shift of 3, 'A' would be replaced by 'D', 'E' would become 'H', and so on. The method is named after Julius Caesar, who used it in his private correspondence.

EXAMPLE (with right shift 3):


with right shift 3 this becomes:


This video shows a brief demonstration of how to receive daily gift:

If you crack the code, 500 VirtaCoins will be added to your online virtacoin wallet!


Task number 1:

Crack your FIRST code at VirtaCrypto. Send the solution and your Virtacoinwallet address to and put 'VIRTACRYPTO' in the subject. If you successfully complete this task you will receive 2500 Virtacoins in your Virtacoin wallet! And of course you can get 500 VirtaCoins DAILY by playing VirtaCrypto every day.

Task number 2:

Signup for an account at Mousetraptraffic:

 Your Bonus will be paid when you claim your first surfing reward from Mousetraptraffic

After surfing send your Mousetraptraffic MEMBERNUMBER and your Virtacoinwallet address to and put 'MOUSETRAP' in the subject. 
If you succesfully complete this task you will receive 2500 Virtacoins in your Virtacoin wallet.

Task number 3:

SUBSCRIBE to our reddit forum at . Then add a simple comment (you only need write "hello") to the topic "Welcome to new Forum Members!".  After SUBSCRIBE and simple comment, send your reddit forum USERNAME and your Virtacoinwallet address to and put 'FORUM' in the subject.
If you successfully complete this task you will receive 2500 Virtacoins in your Virtacoin wallet.

 Earn  VirtaCoin from BleuTrade faucet

                                             Earn  VirtaCoin by Surfing

                                             Use updated Xapo faucet list use BTC2VTA converter future

                                                            How convert VirtaCoin to BitCoin please learn from last year post.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earn more VirtaCoin by VirtaCoin Trading
The time has come when the VirtaCoin market became more liquid. Now you can make more VirtaCoin by trading.

Take a look at VirtaCoin market trade history and you will see that people are crazy about VirtaCoin.

Then take a look at VirtaCoin trading book and you will notice the large demand for VirtaCoin.

          Buyers wish to buy 155,618,884 VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi. They wait for sellers to sell. But what can happen if after some time sellers don't sell their VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi? Where do you think those 6.22 BTC will go?!  The answer is that the buyers will start buying VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi, then at 6 satoshi and so on. Now is a good moment to buy VirtaCoin and start trading to earn more VirtaCoin

           First of all you need to have a BitCoin wallet. If you don't have one you can sign up to CoinBase and create a new one. With CoinBase you can buy BitCoin from a bank account or using a Credit Card. When you have money in Bitcoin you need sign in or sign up to Bleutrade.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

          After having created a Bleutrade account, just login and you will be redirected to your member's account page. Click on My Wallet tab and scroll down to 'Bitcoin' which is the second on the list. Then click on the little 'plus' sign on the right and select 'make a deposit'. You will see the deposit address which starts with a number. Copy it and make sure you copy it correctly.

          When you have Bitcoin on CoinBase paste the Bitcoin receiving address you copied  and click on  Send Funds This way you receive the bitcoins you just purchased.
          When you have your BitCoin on Bleutrade account,  go to VTA/BTC market place. The link will take you to a page like the one below:

Select and choose the amount of BTC you want to exchange for VirtaCoin. There are 2 possible ways:
  • Buy VirtaCoin at the current rate;
  • Place your order from 1 to 4 satoshi and wait until someone sells to you.
            As you could notice, the demand for VirtaCoin is very high. If you place an order at 4 satoshi, your buying order will be after 155,618,884 VTA demand. It is possible that you can never be able to buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi. So I advice to buy VirtaCoin at the current rate.

              To choose how many BTC you want to exchange, put the exact amount of BTC you bought. If it was 0.00066008, type it exactly like that.

Click on        BUY VTA       tab and it is done. Your VirtaCoin should appear on your member account as following: 

            After having bought VirtaCoin  you need to choose at what rate you want to place your sell order. As I see all VirtaCoin will be bought from 5 to 13 satoshi very soon, I suggest you to place an order at 14 satoshi ( 0.00000014 BTC ). Choose how many VTA you want to exchange, put the exact amount of VTA you bought. If it was 13168.67830423 , type it exactly like that.

Click on        SELL VTA       tab and it is done. Your VirtaCoin  are now for sell on SELLING VIRTACOIN wall.

          Wait until someone buys your VirtaCoin at 14 satoshi. Patience is the key and there is no magic in VirtaCoin trading. Just buy cheap and sell high to increase your capital.

           You can buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi then place your order at 5 satoshi and wait. When VirtaCoin is sold at 5 satoshi, buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi again. You can buy VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi, then place your order at 6 satoshi and wait. When VirtaCoin is sold at 6 satoshi than buy VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi again. And so on. Do it again and again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why do you need to Earn VirtaCoin? 

    VirtaCoin is a cryptocurrency like BitCoin. VirtaCoin is used by local groups to sustain and develop local initiatives. People motivation to participate in VirtaCoin community and contribute in VirtaCoin development is depended from their holdings and wishes. 

     VirtaCoin developers and community members work on VirtaCoin every day, VirtaLocal agents  are contacting  local businesses to accept VirtaCoin. VirtaCoin becomes stronger day by day and it is great investment opportunity.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sunday, November 8, 2015
     Earn Free VirtaCoin playing Xapo Games

Android applications

               There are  android applications  with which you can make a lot of Bitcoin and then convert them to VirtaCoin. You need to download android app, enter your Xapo email and start to receive instant earnings from BitCoin games.

Wheel of Bitcoins

Spin the Wheel and win Bitcoin rewards! Heard about "bitcoin", that mysterious internet currency but not sure how to get some? Well look no further because with this roulette you will receive free bitcoins as prize! Big wins included! Wheel of Bitcoins is a casual casino roulette game where you can try your luck and spin to win combinations of bits, a denomination of the bitcoin currency. Try double or nothing at a chance to maximize your rewards! Join the global leaderboard to become the king of bitcoins!

When you play android Xapo games you get instant earnings directly to your Xapo wallet: 

How convert VirtaCoin to BitCoin please learn from my previous post.

Earn Free VirtaCoin from Xapo faucets

                Do you use faucets for collecting free bitcoins and virtacoins learned from my previous post? Do you remember long string of bitcoin address just for claiming bitcoins from faucets? Now no need to remember hard string of bitcoin keys because you can collect free bitcoin using an email address. Yes Xapo faucets uses an simple memorable email address to dispense free bitcoins so no need to remember hard and long string of btc address. Xapo faucets also pays instant it means you can immediately spend those coins anywhere on internet. 

You can use Xapo faucet rotator to collect satoshi fast

or use Xapo faucet list. That is comfortable using a smartphone.


         If you wanna to be an expert in VirtaCoin earning using Xapo wallet watch the Video: