Sunday, November 8, 2015
     Earn Free VirtaCoin playing Xapo Games

Android applications

               There are  android applications  with which you can make a lot of Bitcoin and then convert them to VirtaCoin. You need to download android app, enter your Xapo email and start to receive instant earnings from BitCoin games.

Wheel of Bitcoins

Spin the Wheel and win Bitcoin rewards! Heard about "bitcoin", that mysterious internet currency but not sure how to get some? Well look no further because with this roulette you will receive free bitcoins as prize! Big wins included! Wheel of Bitcoins is a casual casino roulette game where you can try your luck and spin to win combinations of bits, a denomination of the bitcoin currency. Try double or nothing at a chance to maximize your rewards! Join the global leaderboard to become the king of bitcoins!

When you play android Xapo games you get instant earnings directly to your Xapo wallet: 

How convert VirtaCoin to BitCoin please learn from my previous post.

Earn Free VirtaCoin from Xapo faucets

                Do you use faucets for collecting free bitcoins and virtacoins learned from my previous post? Do you remember long string of bitcoin address just for claiming bitcoins from faucets? Now no need to remember hard string of bitcoin keys because you can collect free bitcoin using an email address. Yes Xapo faucets uses an simple memorable email address to dispense free bitcoins so no need to remember hard and long string of btc address. Xapo faucets also pays instant it means you can immediately spend those coins anywhere on internet. 

You can use Xapo faucet rotator to collect satoshi fast

or use Xapo faucet list. That is comfortable using a smartphone.


         If you wanna to be an expert in VirtaCoin earning using Xapo wallet watch the Video:


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