Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To learn more about VirtaCoin watch video tutorial

            If you don't have money we can help you to earn VirtaCoin free. The most popular and easy way to earn VirtaCoin free is to collect VirtaCoin from faucets. 

Earn  free VirtaCoin from BitCoin faucets

Watch video tutorial about VirtaCoin collecting from Faucets

            To Collect VirtaCoin from faucets becomes harder day by day because VirtaCoin value is growing. We need to find new ways to earn VirtaCoin. But still better to use all possible ways to earn People's coin.

Earn  145000 free VirtaCoin

1) Sign up Coins.Co.Th 


2) Verify your ID


Please remember. You will receive 200,000 free satoshi only after ID verification

3) To earn more free coins complete all Missions on Coins.Co.Th wallet


4) After you collected all free coins push  Move to wallet tab and then all your earnings will be converted to BitCoin


5) Convert your earnings to VirtaCoin using VirtaCoin Online wallet BTC2VTA converter function. 

Be sure that BTC2VTA converter function is enabled in your VirtaCoin Online wallet. To enable this function send support ticket to VirtaCoin Online wallet administration.

Just put your VirtaCoin Online wallet address and send your earned coins

6) Receive your free coins converted to VirtaCoin in VirtaCoin Online wallet


           Current VirtaCoin rate is 1 VTA = 2 Satoshi (1 VirtaCoin = 0.00000002 BitCoin).  In future VirtaCoin value will grow. Please notice VirtaCoin value will grow and way is only up. So don't miss this great opportunity to earn more VirtaCoin. 

           Stay updated for new posts here. Don't miss new VirtaCoin earning opportunities.