Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earn more VirtaCoin by VirtaCoin Trading
The time has come when the VirtaCoin market became more liquid. Now you can make more VirtaCoin by trading.

Take a look at VirtaCoin market trade history and you will see that people are crazy about VirtaCoin.

Then take a look at VirtaCoin trading book and you will notice the large demand for VirtaCoin.

          Buyers wish to buy 155,618,884 VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi. They wait for sellers to sell. But what can happen if after some time sellers don't sell their VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi? Where do you think those 6.22 BTC will go?!  The answer is that the buyers will start buying VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi, then at 6 satoshi and so on. Now is a good moment to buy VirtaCoin and start trading to earn more VirtaCoin

           First of all you need to have a BitCoin wallet. If you don't have one you can sign up to CoinBase and create a new one. With CoinBase you can buy BitCoin from a bank account or using a Credit Card. When you have money in Bitcoin you need sign in or sign up to Bleutrade.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

          After having created a Bleutrade account, just login and you will be redirected to your member's account page. Click on My Wallet tab and scroll down to 'Bitcoin' which is the second on the list. Then click on the little 'plus' sign on the right and select 'make a deposit'. You will see the deposit address which starts with a number. Copy it and make sure you copy it correctly.

          When you have Bitcoin on CoinBase paste the Bitcoin receiving address you copied  and click on  Send Funds This way you receive the bitcoins you just purchased.
          When you have your BitCoin on Bleutrade account,  go to VTA/BTC market place. The link will take you to a page like the one below:

Select and choose the amount of BTC you want to exchange for VirtaCoin. There are 2 possible ways:
  • Buy VirtaCoin at the current rate;
  • Place your order from 1 to 4 satoshi and wait until someone sells to you.
            As you could notice, the demand for VirtaCoin is very high. If you place an order at 4 satoshi, your buying order will be after 155,618,884 VTA demand. It is possible that you can never be able to buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi. So I advice to buy VirtaCoin at the current rate.

              To choose how many BTC you want to exchange, put the exact amount of BTC you bought. If it was 0.00066008, type it exactly like that.

Click on        BUY VTA       tab and it is done. Your VirtaCoin should appear on your member account as following: 

            After having bought VirtaCoin  you need to choose at what rate you want to place your sell order. As I see all VirtaCoin will be bought from 5 to 13 satoshi very soon, I suggest you to place an order at 14 satoshi ( 0.00000014 BTC ). Choose how many VTA you want to exchange, put the exact amount of VTA you bought. If it was 13168.67830423 , type it exactly like that.

Click on        SELL VTA       tab and it is done. Your VirtaCoin  are now for sell on SELLING VIRTACOIN wall.

          Wait until someone buys your VirtaCoin at 14 satoshi. Patience is the key and there is no magic in VirtaCoin trading. Just buy cheap and sell high to increase your capital.

           You can buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi then place your order at 5 satoshi and wait. When VirtaCoin is sold at 5 satoshi, buy VirtaCoin at 4 satoshi again. You can buy VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi, then place your order at 6 satoshi and wait. When VirtaCoin is sold at 6 satoshi than buy VirtaCoin at 5 satoshi again. And so on. Do it again and again.


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